Laser Cut Musical Instruments



Came across this, and got me thinking about the number of musical instruments that might be quickly made using the GF. This particular drum looks like it would be fairly easy to create and cut.


Whoa, neat!

A glowforge customer sent us a custom engraved ukelele that looked amazing. It wasn’t created from scratch, but it looked a lot better for the laserin’. (She used a laser from a local makerspace).


Cool! I remember yeasterday looking over at my husband playing his Collings 6-string and thinking that the abalone inlay in the fretboard could have been done on a Glowforge. Both in cutting the channel and maybe cutting the abalone to fit.


Laser Cut Folding Ukulele Check out this. May not be easier but definitely cool.




This is something else that might be easier to make with a glowforge - a handmade wood organ. Being able to cut the tube holes for the air channels I think would be a big help.


I saw that just after buying the GF and wondering what else I could make. Tons of creative people out there.


A few more ideas on this site such as a laser cut record, or a folding ukulele.