Laser cut paper airplanes... ;)



A real Paper airplane


When I have several free years…


Right? I think it’d go a lot faster with the laser cutting out all the parts and making score marks


Beautiful craftsmanship. I can admire without actually wanting to duplicate.


Amazing. And I couldn’t help thinking, “Man, those people need a Glowforge!”


Or @morganstanfield we need to learn not to :wink:


Like it . Are the plans available?


not sure. Maybe if we ask really nicely…


and have to gain dextral skill that would benefit my projects throughout the remainder of my life?!! Why would I go do a silly thing like that lol


That is so awesome! I am wondering what will be possible in the flying paper airplane space when the laser can do all the intricate cutting and scoring.


agree, beautiful craftsmanship also wonder how many hours or rather weeks it took to build that plane.


Well there’s always these
They have PDFs with handy dandy score marks.