Laser cut records



I saw this the other day. Looks way over my head currently, but I think I could figure it out. Would we be able to do this and possibly improve upon it? Looks like fun.

Plexiglass ornaments and cake toppers

This was talked about the other day - bad idea.


What’s going on here? Link leads back to this thread…
Otherwise, this idea looks pretty neat. Just don’t try cutting ‘vinyl’ records :wink:


@Mike13 you’re right- cutting vinyl records is a bad idea! But the instructable is showing how someone created code to make a record using laser-cuttable materials…wooden records? Sign me up!! Sounds awesome, though potentially a little over my head with the coding :laughing:


Hahaha! Oops!


That is super cool! I don’t even care if it works. i would put it on my wall.