Laser cut Rhythm Maker

Hello everybody! Here is a picture of my Rhythm Maker machine, which I hope to turn into a teaching kit with the GlowForge. Click the link above for a video. :blush:

The gears and most of the other pieces are laser cut, which cuts down on how many other types of woodworking tools that I need in my workspace. I can’t wait to see how the GF does with my automata designs! Please check them out!

New York


Phenomenal work.
When you say “turn into a teaching kit” do you by chance mean you are considering selling kits later? Or would it just be a one-off piece for a class you are developing?
I would love to be able to buy one of those kits for me and my kids if you do sell them (and a couple more as gifts for other families AND a couple more for my music-making buddies).

I was thinking a little bit of both. My first thought was to make something that I could use to teach with, but having my own GF will allow me to set up my own store so I can devote more free time to developing and selling my art that can be used for education in addition to enjoyment. I’m crossing my fingers for the GlowForge team to encounter only good news as they make their own ideas real. You’ll be the first person I reach out to once I get my kit together. :+1:


Wow, I love that! It would be interesting to play with the sounding pegs being of different materials / expanding your range of tones.

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Good to know, and glad to hear you are thinking of a future store. I know several people who’d also be interested in being patrons (including educators).

(As an aside, I’d recommend Ponoko if you are ever looking for an online laser-cutting service to use while you wait for your GF)

Those are fantastic! I’d love to print something like that.

I’ve got an AP physics teacher /musician friend who would love this. Please do share when you move ahead with making the pattern or made items available!