Laser cuts a line through my design

My Glowforge is cutting a line through my design where there is not supposed to be a line. I have had this issue a couple times but I thought it was a glitch with the svg design I had uploaded or that I had erased something and accidently left a line piece behind somehow. But now I am positive it is neither one of those. See photos attached…
Thank you for your help!


You’ve got an open/duplicate node in your .svg. Once you find it and close it that’ll stop happening. Luckily you’ve got the line so you know approximately where the node will be (look beneath the bee on the left, and between the wings on the bee on the right).

When there is an open (or duplicate) node the laser will try to figure out what you really wanted, which is why the same open node will end up with random lines in different places (or not there at all) each time you run the design!


Yep, I agree with @deirdrebeth. If you don’t want to go hunting for the open shape in your design, just rasterize it, since you’re engraving anyway. That’s really the simplest fix. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I actually purchased this svg design on Etsy but I tried following those steps you referenced in Inkscape and somehow made it work, lol. I am not knowledgeable enough about any of this yet but I appreciate your help! :blush: Btw, can you or @geek2nurse please explain to me what rastersize means?

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It means to convert it from a vector image, which consists of nodes and curves, into an image made up of pixels.


Yeah what she said - there’s even a page about it in the Glowforge support page with Inkscape instructions:


Thank you!!

Hi @monica4meraki, I’m glad to see that @deirdrebeth and @geek2nurse were able to help you out.

Since the issue is resolved, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything.