Laser Cutting on the new MST3K

So I was watching the first episode of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix, and clearly, someone on the staff has a laser cutter! I noticed several different moments in the interstitial skits that featured laser cut standups…including the “Every Country Has a Monster” song :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of the original show, and this reboot has been a lot of fun!


I noticed that too. Must have been an upgrade to the “Satellite of Love”.

My wife has already placed an order for the “Bubble Fan” invention from the first new episode.


Yay! MST3K

Wolfram Alpha is how I know that my car has a fuel efficiency of 11 mm^-2.

(fun with metric units)


And for the intersection of MST3K fans and Seattleites out there, a lot of the interior decorations on the original SOL came from Archie McPhee.

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