Laser didn't finish engrave

Laser quit before engrave was finished. Thought it was something with image. Loaded another and realized laser isn’t firing. Head is making all of the movements. Relatively new unit with not many cycles. Any Ideas?

You may be able to save a few back-and-forths with Support if you provide more details – what specifically were you trying to do, what material were you using, what settings were you using, etc. Photos illustrating what went wrong are almost always helpful. If possible, posting the file that you were using can help them diagnose issues.

They will ask you to use the extra piece of Draftboard they included for troubleshooting and print the Gift of Good Measure using default settings and post that photo as well.

That all being said – the most common cause of head movement without visible results is engraving non-proofgrade materials with a power setting of 1. Have you checked the settings on that specific engrave?

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The laser stopped while engraving a PNG. 90% was good and it just stopped. That is why I tried another file and the laser isn’t even firing. It was not set on vary power

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.