Laser engraved clothing?

I’ve got no experience with a laser cutter, but one of the things I am curious about is that the GF says it can engrave cloth. Which is crazy voodoo magic to me. So my thought is… engraved clothes!

I am not sure if it’s actually doable, but I picture some kind of swirly cool design engraved on a pair of jeans etc.

From Nov 16th.


Awesome! I imagine the creativity could get pretty outrageous with this, and highly visible on a piece of clothing.

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Saw an image online the other day of a pair of jeans that someone apparently laser etched a detailed image of someone’s face onto the back pocket—of course, now I can’t find it again to link here. As soon as I saw that, I wondered the same thing—a lot of people have been pinning women’s shirts that they laser cut intricate patterns around the collar or sleeves.

If you look at the video on you will see a jean jacket that was engraved.


Yep—right at the 2:04 mark… Didn’t remember seeing that. Seriously, Dan—you’re killing me with anticipation for this thing! Thanks for all your (and the rest of your team’s) hard work!

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I have seen fleece and micro fleece engraved well and felt I hear is good too. I will have a basic so I don’t know how exactly
I would get a top or something in it but maybe with a laser made jig I might stand a chance.


Anyone got power settings & feed rate for clothing that we could try or is there going to be a pre-set in the material list?

Thank You!


Can you suggest to us how you get the item - such as a Jean Jacket in the GF safely? I do have a Pro version. Or anyone out there?

I fold them like I’m working at Old Navy at the mall :slight_smile:

But, I do use a piece of 12x12x1/8" BB to fold jackets, pants and shirts around. It helps make sure that the part I’m engraving is flat and taut which is important for consistency. You need to make sure that the bundle is under 2" tall (& you’ll need to pull the crumb tray out) but it’s not much different than doing most other oversized items.

The plus side is now I can pack my clothes better in my suitcase when I travel :smile:


Thank you James! That is helpful. I may ask you some other things later since it seems you have done this process. Just received our GF and am mostly looking at it!

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What setting do you use to print a photo on a blanket? Engrave or Etch, Power and speed please as well. Any one please answer.

No, trying to laser engrave a blanket is a very bad idea. If you don’t set a fire, engraving on it burns and weakens the threads. It will fall apart if t does not go up in flames first.

Try printing on it with ink instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s some kind of synthetic you might just melt the top layer at low power, but that’s not going to be the effect you want. (I’ve been playing with craft felt again since the new cornering adjustments, and it’s still questionable but interesting.)

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I haven’t done blankets (& I’d echo the comments above as well as suggest you’re not likely to get a good result with a photo). I primarily stick to cotton & derivatives like canvas and denim. Those have enough body to stand up to lasering. It’s definitely something you need to “sneak up on” by using fast speed and minimal power, slowly incrementing the power after each test.

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