Laser! Escutcheon

Since I like to annoy my husband by yelling this at least once every day I use my Glowforge, I felt it was fitting to make it “permanent” :smiling_imp:

I used 1/8" pink acrylic and color-filled with acrylic paint to make the lettering stand out a little more.



I love this one!

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Funny. That seems like the right thing to yell though :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh, we need to have sound effects hooked up to the button too–“firing torpedoes, Captain!” (either sound bite from Chekov or Sulu and/or the torpedo sound).

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It’s all part of the fun! Great project!

Shout it from the roof tops! :sunglasses:

Ima firin mah laser!

( )

Oh my gosh! This is awesome. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

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This is absolutely amazing! I cracked up when I saw this and told my husband about it. Now he too shall be annoyed every time I use the Glowforge, because the experience is not complete without shouting this from the rooftops.