Laser etched rolling pin



Finally got my rotary fixture figured out and working again…
Did this for my niece as part of a wedding gift basket😁


Wow. Looks pretty slick!!


Whoa! I foresee kitty cookies! :grin:


Ahh! I love this!


You are so talented. The gifts that you make are all so thoughtful. They are lucky to have you. I am kind of glad that WE have you too. :relaxed:


Thank you @davidgal2, I love being a part of this group. Its fun to share ideas with all of you. :heart:


we are all envious of your two lasers


That’s kinda adorable.


once again great work and a very good project idea.


That’s a winner. I hope she likes cats!


Yay! Cats and lasers! What could be better?


bunny’s and chinchillas


Rumor has it there is a special soft spot somewhere in the community for narwhals.


Frogs and Turtles


I’ll probably just do customer requests instead of pre cutting a bunch. Unless I find one that sells alot :slight_smile: But thanks for the ideas everyone…lol

My niece loves cats so I thought this would work for the trial run. :smile_cat:


I am so green with envy I am like the Hulk, or maybe Shrek.


Tried out the rolling pin.

Used a shortbread recipe…they came out cute😁
I may do a tighter design next time though


I didn’t think it would leave an impression on the dough, but it left an impression on me.:yum:
Beautiful job…


how deep on the rolling pin are the cats?


It was a pretty shallow cut, about 1mm deep. Will want to go with a deeper cut next time, but this worked anyway :grin: