Laser Etched Scarf


Simple and stunning. The contrast from the laser is more than I expected and beautiful!

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Wow, that’s gorgeous! :grinning:

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This is wonderful!! Love it so much. What type of fleece did you use? :slight_smile:


Um, wow!

That is such a fantastic idea and an amazing result! And super appropriate design for a scarf.:snowflake:

Wow what a great idea! i too would like to know what kind of fleece, just plain blizzard fleece that you get at fabric stores like JoAnn? I have a ton of fleece from an old project and I recently got a serger too so I wonder if this can be used to make some quick winter gifts.

The fleece was from the JoAnn fabric store. I do not know what the manufacturer was.


Beautiful scarf and write-up! Bonus points for use of pass-through with fabric.


Thinking of so many ways to key something to a person’s interests!