Laser etched stand

My friend gifted me a 3D printed scale model of a T-rex Skull. Awesome gift. A few years ago I had to laser etch and cut out some Jurassic Park logo’s for a friends gift (I gifted him a mosquito in amber mounted on the JP logo.) I still had one test lying around and found some clear (albeit blue) acryllic rod. So I drilled a small hole in the logo and mounted the 3D printed skull. This is a great example of how these machines can compliment each other.

This is the original (replica)prop I made the stand for:



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Oh man. Now i need a 3D printer so I can make this. So awesome.

If you get a 3D printer this is a super popular 3d model you can find in the maker bot gallery. Be warned it prints in two part and takes almost 2 days! :smiley:

Ironically my dog didn’t like the looks of it and ate mine.

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go team dinos! my 5 year old would flip. :smiley:

I found a bunch of other dino skulls and others like sabretooth tiger skulls