Laser "fading issue"

We are an issue right now, where my glowforge will not cut a full sheet of designs all the way through. If i only do shorter cuts it works just fine, but the longer the laser runs the less it seems to cut.

The speed has been slowed, the optics have all been cleaned and so have the fans. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?

If you have cleaned the window hiding under the far left side of the gantry and you are not seeing damage on the left side of the laser head, I would try cleaning those two windows again and try cutting something on the far right side of the cutting area. A very slight film on that left window will cause the problem. If the laser is misaligned it will hit the outside or edge of the window and leave a mark. For this the machine need to go to the factory for repair.

If there is the slightest blurring, the far right side will have the most blurring and least cutting such as what you are seeing. That lack of getting a properly focused beam to that window is the only cause of having a cut go well on the left and not on the right.


I see you are one of the first owners. Depending on usage, your tube may be nearing the end of its life.
I am an original owner also, and I’ve been waiting for a clue that the tube which is a consumable is on its way out.


Our name is legion… :laughing:


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