Laser glass tube looks foggy

Why does my laser tube looks so foggy and dirty.
It is still practically new

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clean it.


All the smoke and dust flows over it going to the exhaust fan. It can be wiped off or you can leave it. It won’t hurt anything (other than not seeing the light show when its running).

Mine got dirty pretty quickly, within a week of having it. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure it was the blue painters tape that made it so messy for me. I’ve been using it for months now and just cleaned the tube this week.


It’s just particulate build-up. Doesn’t mess with operation. If you want to look at the pretty purple glow, wipe it off with Zeiss wipes.

I have been cutting and engraving mainly wood, clean mine every few days.


Looks like it could be inside the tube
Show pictures of your laser tubes with approximately how long you’ve been using it

There was a picture somewhere showing a GF running a longevity test. Engraving constantly with zero cleaning. Couldn’t even see inside it was so dirty. Doesn’t affect anything as long as the lens and mirrors are cleaned now and then.


It is hard to see it being dirty, but smoke and particulates get drawn to the back left side (toward the vent).

As much as I wanted to see how much would be built up, I broke down and wiped the tube and lid. It is such a beautiful piece of equipment, I just cannot stand to see it looking cloudy.


Nobody has pictures

I guess it would be like having a brand new car and taking pictures before running through the car wash.

Then posting them on Instagram or FB showing how dirty their car is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s on the outside. The inside is full of fluid – no way for particulates to get in. As JBV said, easily cleaned with a Zeiss wipe, or even a soft cloth with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Obviously, only do this when your unit is off.

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I wiped down the visible part of the tube yesterday, it’s still pretty clean. Looking in towards the far left you can see where the wipe didn’t reach. I’ll try to remember to take pics of it dirty.


That’s because they all look like that after a short time. It’s not inside the tube, really. Just wipe it, it’ll come right off.

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Depending on what you cut it can get dirty very fast. It doesn’t affect anything and it’s easy enough to clean up if you care.


I clean mine pretty regularly. Mostly due to vanity. But, hey… I’m only human.
You should see the demo machines they had at MFNY. CAKED… UP!
Anyway, as others have suggested, Zeiss wipes.
Also, as others have suggested, you definitely don’t have to clean it at all. Totally personal preference.


all the dirt is on the outside, right?


ok - I see it now

It’s normal for some dust to accumulate inside your Glowforge. It is not necessary, but you can wipe the laser tube or the inside of the case with additional ZEISS cleaning wipes. Allow any moisture to dry completely before turning on your Glowforge again.