Laser has stopped output

I’ve searched the old forum topics about this, but can’t seem to find any real solutions. I have the standard problem where the laser just won’t work. I hadn’t used my GF for about a month and when I tried it again, the engraving I was doing was very weak and after about 30 seconds, the laser just quit. The print head continued to move. This was a file I had used many times, so I knew the settings were correct and the power wasn’t set at level 1 or anything of the sort. Just to follow suggestions in older threads I tried a print of The Gift of Good Measure, with the expected results. Print head moved, but no laser output. LED lights on the inside are fine, optics are clean, ribbon cables are connected, and I can see no obviously burnt components or anything of that sort.

Is there anything I’ve missed? I’m not afraid to tear the machine down and replace parts. It’s my understanding, however, that the PSU and the tube are not made available for purchase. Is that correct?

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You are correct that Glowforge does not routinely sell the PSU or tube for home repair. How old is the machine?


Several years old. Well out of warranty.

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Your tube or power supply have failed. Keep in mind, the expected lifespan was 2 years, although many here have had theirs much longer.

I had to replace mine just a few months ago after well over 5 years of use. Power just kept dropping over the previous 18 months or so, I could work with it but after contacting GF regarding an unrelated issue, they had me run some tests which showed the machine could no longer use their settings on proofgrade materials (despite them going thru a couple of rounds of “tuning” from their end.) They offered a refurbished machine, which was basically a brand new machine, and it works perfectly.


That’s the odd thing about mine. The power wasn’t dropping until the day it failed. The last print was weak and then it died. The rapidity of the failure leads me to believe it’s more of a PSU than a tube issue.

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Could very well be, but tubes can fail suddenly as well.

You just need to start the process with support. Use the contact form under the support link above - it’s more efficient than sending an email.


If you email support the time and date of that print they can check the logs and give you more insight


I had a similar situation with my four year old machine, they sent out a refurbished one, and within a week my 2 year old machine had the same problem. They have said both times that they can’t tell what the problem is from the logs, so I need to get a replacement machine. While I appreciate that they are willing to do that, it seems odd that both of my machines would have the same exact problem within 3 weeks of eachother, both different ages. Is it possibly a virus? The heat wave?? Looking for answers.

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