Laser head crash at -Y edge of safe zone

It looks like the safe zone in the app isn’t quite right for my GF Pro (s/n VGV-767-3), the laser head struck the bottom edge of the enclosure. No damage, everything’s fine, just a heads-up for unexpected behavior is all.

For the support folks: Design xaXpQBQa which I ran at approximately 10:35 Eastern on October 10.


At first glance it looks like you have the PG sheet too close to the edge of the machine. It should lie on the raster part of the tray, not beyond it.

@arh2, Thanks, but I’m setting up for a 4-foot job using the passthrough slots.

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Ok, never mind… I have a basic.

Is it possible that you bumped the head at some point? It has no absolute reference, only the home position it obtains when it’s first turned on. So if you accidentally move the head while placing material, it could think it’s further back than it is and go out of bounds.

Other than that… back in the day, there were commonly reports of people having issues in the front right corner, but I thought they’d solved that since it hasn’t come up in a while. Nevertheless, I still have a superstitious avoidance of that spot when possible.


Also worth checking:

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Yep, I had it happen once on a large job, and size the file now to avoid the area. I should test it again now after the camera calibration really improved accuracy.

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I have been using it quite a lot when using PG materials to get the most out of a sheet.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag! I appreciate you taking the time to highlight the area you noticed the trouble occurring, and for sending over all of these great details. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review this particular print, and compare it with the information you’ve provided.

I see that you’ve recently performed a camera calibration, which may help to ensure the alignment does not run into the same trouble. Have you been able to perform some additional prints after the calibration to see if the same error occurs in this spot in your Glowforge’s bed?

I do see that the material may be positioned a little too far towards the bottom of the crumb tray, but I understand that you are also attempting to utilize your Passthrough slot. Have you noticed this behavior while utilizing the Passthrough software?

Let us know!

@MarcM, I’m generally not running that close to the -Y edge, even with the passthrough software. In this specific case, I had already jury-rigged the passthrough material to lay flat and dragged the kerf-checker design as far to the bottom of the screen as the app would allow to minimize material waste.

Thank you for confirming these details. The Camera Recalibration you completed should help to resolve this particular snag in the future, but please let us know if you happen to see the same behavior. I’ll close this ticket for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at if the same behavior occurs. We’ll take a look at the log files we can extract from the print, and provide any additional steps!