Laser head getting stuck?

What is this? Anyone know what the cause could be? It happened right before this as well. I decided to see if it was a fluke. I recorded it doing this for 15 secs before it stopped and popped an error stop print on the screen.

I’m emailing support as soon as I post this because this GF was delivered less than a week ago.

Try turning the machine off, then move the print head so it’s sitting under the camera and then turn it on again. It will then home itself to the left rear where it should start at. Then try running the GOGM file just to see if everything has realigned itself.


Sometimes material with cut-outs on the bed confuses the server when it is looking for the head.

I removed the graphic it had messed up on. Removed the print head and reset it on the carriage plate and it worked fine after. Just freaked me out because I have never seen this happen on any of the GF’s that I have had.

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