Laser head moves but the beam isn't showing and it won't cut, score or engrave

Laser head moves but the beam isn’t showing and it won’t cut, score or engrave.

Welcome to the forum. The more information you give us, the better the community can respond to your issue.

Information like this can make a big difference.

Have you been successful before with other designs?

Is this a new design?

Did you recently clean the machine?

Did you try and print the Gift of Good Measure with Proofgrade material?

A screen shot of the interface and bed often helps, if you care to share what you are trying to process.


I have cut for almost 1 1/2 years with no problems. This is a design I have used multiple times. I haven’t recently cleaned my machine. I tried the gift of good measure with proofgrade material with no luck.

Thanks for the information. Are you aware the Glowforge technical support no longer monitors this topic and the help you get is from other owners? Just checking about that because with your experience you would be able to manage all the trouble shooting possible without Glowforge being able to check your logs and such.

So email, chat and phone directly with Glowforge might be your best option at this point. Good luck.


I have reached out and it was seen with no response yet but I appreciate it!

Chat is no longer an option. They implemented it to sort of lead up to offering phone support which is now available along with email. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any chance it has defaulted to power level 0?

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I checked and was hoping so but no such luck!

One more thing to look at, do you have two copies of your work stacked together that would cancel each other out?

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I just double checked and it wasn’t. I’m hoping it is an easy fix though!

I hope so. Good luck.

Thank you so much! I sure appreciate it!


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