LASER HEAD NOT FOUND & Clunking noise

Laser head not found error message when moves far right, left or back. Machine is cleaned, belts, fans, etc. been working with a few in group but, nothing has helped. I am at my witts end bc I can not do any work. Did wd40 electrical as suggested it didn’t work either.

What did support say? They can check logs and see if there are issues.

Have no idea what this means. WD40 has no place inside the Glowforge.


I think the OP was referring to WD40 Specialist Electronic Contact Cleaner.


With the machine off, try moving the head under the camera and then turn the machine on.


Ah, yes - would probably not hurt on the cable connections, although I’d be inclined to clean the cables then wipe off any excess. After 5 years, I’ve never felt any need to touch any of them. I don’t disconnect the head when I take it off to remove the lens.

Regular WD40 is corrosive on delicate electronic connections. Actually, the propellant is.

Seems so simple, and maybe it’s not the issue, but when my machine does that, it’s more often than not that the sun is hitting the glass and so it can’t find itself.

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With the machine off, position the head under the camera than then turn it on. I do that as a habit just to save the machine hunting for the head.
You could also cover the glass to keep the sun off during calibration.

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Where can I find new printer heads for the GlowForge Plus?

Contact support. It’s not a standard part as they are expected to last the life of the machine, and only support can determine if it’s necessary to replace. Last I saw they are around $800.

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Thank you!!

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