Laser intermittently not cutting

So frustrated! This is our third Glowforge and now it is acting up! It intermittently cuts files. This morning, I was able to cut out one file…then put another piece of the exact same material back into the machine and used the same file, and it didn’t cut out. Glowforge just replaced the printer head and that seemed to help for a few days, but now we are back to square one. Any ideas? I know there is some fluid in the machine…does that ever have to be refilled? I’m desperate for help - of course, Christmas season is on all of us and I cannot afford for this machine to be down again!! Help!

When you say it didn’t cut out, do you mean nothing happened or that the cut didn’t go all the way through the material?

Do not do anything about the coolant. It is a closed system that does not need user interference.

What material are you trying to cut and when did you last clean your optics?

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All optics have been cleaned this morning…twice. The cut didn’t go all the way through. Now, we just did another one and it did cut through. Same material. I realize that there can be voids/changes in density of material, but this is happening over and over. There is no rhyme nor reason to it.

Material is oak veneer MDF.

The rhyme and reason is material variations. That is why Proofgrade material is more expensive and is guaranteed to work. The slightest warp, variation in density, etc. changes things. I suggest that you slow the speed slightly and carry on.


Tried slowing it down twice. Same thing. Tried proof grade…same result. Looks like I will need to go through GF customer support.

Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material using Proofgrade settings and if it isn’t perfect, send photos (front and back) to Glowforge. If the Gift of Good Measure prints as expected, Glowforge support will have a hard time diagnosing a problem.


Thanks for your help:).

I’ve had a lot of similar issues and always end up having to slow things way down and waste so much material. Now my machine just gave up. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to you and the slowing down does the trick for the majority of the material. I think some of the machines are lemons and it’s really frustrating after investing in them and using them for a business. It would’ve been nice to get a machine that lasted years like others are seeing.

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