Laser is starting to Flame up over the material

I noticed that after years of cutting the same material , the laser is starting to flame up much more than ever before .

Any ideas as to why this might be happening. ?

make sure ALL (three) fans are clean!


After years of use, you know the answers. 1. The material could have changed 2. The fans need cleaning 3. The optics need cleaning


The air assist fan is the one that blows directly at the cut line to blow the vaporized material out of the beam path, and to snuff out any flames that do arise.

I do recommend going one step beyond the cleaning guide’s recommendation of “spray some compressed air”, and actually unscrew the fan from the plate. Debris builds up on the backside of the fan, blocking air flow, and doesn’t get fully dislodged by a can of air alone.

It’s easily cleaned off once the fan is unscrewed, then you can screw it right back on. Q-tips dipped in isopropyl alcohol are useful for cleaning off the blades.


That did it, I thought the fan was clear but after takikng it apart I was able to really clean it and the flame is gone. Thank you


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