Laser lens sold out

Has anyone heard when GF expects to get replacment lenses back in stock? I had a lens that was scratched and luckily had a back up, but now that backup is scratchd too and like everything else, they are still out of stock at Glowforge.

I have to be honest, i have had no problems with my machine, but have really not been impressed with Glowforge items. Seems like most items are always out of stock and the air filter was just a huge waste of money for me.

It’ll be a surprise email that tells everyone signed up for notification to go buy it now or else. It’s just how GF rolls. They won’t say anything until there’s something definite to say.

I wonder how you are getting scratches on the lens?


I honestly have no idea. As a photographer i am pretty lens conscious. I only use the zeiss cleaners. I think maybe it got scratched when I blew out some dust on the circuit board? Its not really impacting print quality right now, but would still feel better having one on hand.

They’ve said a few times that the pandemic is impacting their supply lines for both materials and spare parts.

I’m sorry that we don’t have the lens that you want in stock! Due to a combination of challenges with inventory due to COVID-19 and unprecedented demand, we’ve had a hard time keeping items in stock.

Though I know my colleagues are working hard to replenish, I don’t have any information about when it will be available. You can sign up to be notified when we have them by clicking “Email Me When Available” on the page for a material at