Laser Marking Aluminium

What settings do you use? I cant seem to find answers. Thanks in advance

Dry Molly Lube!! I use it for my dog tags and my flasks! Make sure you put about 3 layers on though, letting it dry in between! If you put painters tape around where you want the design and tape up the rest of it, it comes off super easy once you’re ready to take it off with rubbing alcohol.


Just bought a can of Dry Molly Lube. It seems to be working…ish. Going to try doing multiple layers like you suggested next. What settings are you using?

I use 2-3 layers of dry moly to make it stick best and for settings I use 395/full/270

Can I ask what settings do you use to engrave your stainless pieces?

This bracelet is Aluminum.


What settings did you use?

Another method is spray paint. Use a good paint and then laser off your image. Much cheaper than those other products.

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Do you ever polish or wax? I notice if I try that I can scrub it off. Is that normal for you?

Hi beerfaced
Please suggest some spray paint and share if you have some picture to show result
Thank in advance

I just use rustoleum from Home Depot. I don’t have anything around right now to take a pic of but the results are excellent if the paint contrasts the aluminum colour.

I just tried endurance and brilliance (cermark did nothing) and it worked great. 100 speed full power and 270 dpi…. Also 340 dpi. Embossing powder and powder coat did ok with versamark tack but it will scratch off without sealers. Powder coal did better after cured completely in oven after laser set. Same settings as above. Hope this helps a little bit I’m very new but it felt like it would work in my head and had good results on test pieces of aluminum.