Laser moves, but doesn't fire ... I think it's dead - need response fron Glowforge


I am writing here because I have tried writing customer service, and besides an automated message that they were “right on it” I have received no other response.

My glowforge died a couple of days ago in the middle of a project. When I found it the button was yellow. I turned off the machine, tried again, and the laser head moved like normal but nothing would engrave, cut or score. The laser doesn’t light up either. (the button is not yellow anymore though)

I have taken the lens off the belt, cleaned it and all the mirrors and the other two mirrors inside the glowforge, snapped it back on the belt and the clip but same thing. The glowforge moves but nothing prints. The lens did have a splotch on it but I easily cleaned it off - all the mirrors and lens are now pristine.

All the files I have attempted are tried and true ones, and the power is not set to 1 or anything weird. I even tried the gift of good measure but of course nothing happens.

My machine is a glowforge basic, it was almost 4 years old. I have maintained it myself throughout the years thanks to the vast knowledge on the web and forums, but this time I cannot do anything myself. It’s just dead.

I am devastated. (even though I knew this time would come as many have warned)

Anyway, I am looking for a response from Glowforge still and hoping this might get them responding.

But if anyone has anything else I can try to get the Glowforge firing, I am up to it. I have already exhausted and tried all that I could find on the matter on the internet, but perhaps someone else knows something.

I loved my Glowforge! But the lack of response to my first big issue when things feel so mission critical to me, is disheartening.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Sorry to hear your Glowforge isn’t working. They have a support phone number now; + 1 (855) 338- 2122. Call during business hours in Seattle. I hope they can fix it for you.


I’m sorry too…I understand your frustration, but support does not monitor this forum. Calling the phone number that @rappee25407 gave you will be the best way to contact them. Best of luck.


Thank you! I will try calling when I’m less stressed.

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