Laser moving but not firing

Laser head is moving but not engraving or cutting. I have cleaned lenses and fans… am I missing something?

Welcome to the community! Double check your power setting. Sometimes it defaults to ‘1’ which won’t do anything but make the motions. Also, check your file…if you accidentally have two files over the top of each other, they cancel each other out.

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Hi Jen,
is the tube glowing, or is it dead?
have you checked to make sure the white cable is plugged in, check the pins make sure nothing bent?
can you post pictures of the bottom of your laserhead so we can look at the lenses?

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No light firing inside laser at all… is this piece on the side supposed to be bent? Never noticed it before

yea, that’s the power supply, that’s normal.
did you check the white cable, ? unplug it? check the pins, plug it back till it goes ‘click’?


Yes I’ve unplugged, and plugged back in until it clicks. I changed files and did see the red laser show up on my board…

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ok, thats not good :frowning:
is there any lights on
is the button light off?

have you tried just -reconnecting to the wifi- holding the button down till its teal and then going to ?

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