Laser not cutting all the way through proof grade

I am using proof grade material and my glowforge is not cutting all the way through. I have cleaned all the mirrors and the camera and it’s still not cutting all the way through.

I have also had it move crocked and get stuck at
An angle. Nothing is Kn the way that I can see.

And finally has anyone noticed that the sticker on the glowforge proof grade with the QR code obstructs the engraving?
Thanks in advance!!

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I’m assuming this means your gantry has hit something and is crooked? If your material is overhanging the perforated area of the crumb tray it can interfere with the wheels on the gantry causing it to go askew. Also, the air assist fan scoop hangs down lower than everything else on the bottom of the carriage and can contact anything sticking up like hold down pins or material also causing the gantry to skew. Debris on the rails the gantry wheels run on could also interfere with motion.
If something like this caused the problem it’s an easy fix. Remove whatever is sticking up or on the rails and make sure the material is only covering the perforated area of the crumb tray, then just turn off the power and gently push the gantry to the back until it straightens itself out. Have a good look at the wheels and make sure they are on the rails and then power back on.


Glowforge guarantees that Proofgrade will cut with Proofgrade settings if the material is held flat and all optics and fans are clean. Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade with Proofgrade settings. If it doesn’t print perfectly, take photos (front and back) and include with an email to Glowforge support. Also include the time and date of the print.


Yes that’s what I meant, thanks for that info, pretty sure there is nothing in the way but will double check.

It is still pretty clean as I have only really just started using it and I have it covered when not in use!

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Awesome to know, just seems like the print is lighter where the QR code is. And I definitely don’t want to know use these coded area since this stuff is pricey!!

The label can be a problem. Many of us turn the board over so the label is on the back if we are engraving.


I have always placed the stupid sticker face-down.

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