Laser not cutting, just going through the motions, timer not going down

Hello everyone,

I am a new GF owner and working on first cut. I wonder if you have any input. I purchased a file on Etsy. It is a cutting board backer ( along with the circles). I have been trying all day to cut on the glowforge. The engrave line is very faint. When I go to print, the laser goes through the motion of cutting, but doesn’t. The timer does not countdown and printer head just goes back and forth.

I adjusted the mirror, checked my settings.

Ive done other cuts successfully after having this issue, just to see if there is something wrong with the machine. Nothing wrong with the machine.

Any ideas?

This could be a problem with the file, and since it is a purchased file you cannot share it here and have someone else try it. If your Glowforge successfully prints the Gift of Good Measure, the machine is working properly and that is good to know.

What do you mean “adjust the mirror”?


Yeah, I’m curious about what this means as well since there are no adjustable mirrors in the glowforge.

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I may have used the wrong terminology. I read on the community website to lift off the top of the printer head and gently tap on the blue “mirror” to be sure that it is seated properly.

I do think it is the file, thanks for the help

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble and that the print you were trying to run didn’t go as expected. It’s great to hear that the suggestions from other community members helped!

If you run into trouble again, please reach out to our team. If you’d like to share the file with us privately to take a closer look, you can send it to us at and we’ll be happy to help!