Laser not cutting through on the right side

Hi, So whenever I cut anything towards the right side of the glowforge it doesn’t cut deep enough to go through the material, is there any reason or a easy fix anyone knows? Any help or suggestions on what to do? Has this happened to anyone else? I contacted support but idk how long will it take for any resolution and I have orders I can’t fulfill :weary:

It engraves perfect but when it is going to cut it doesn’t go through the board ( only in the right side ).

I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!
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If the optics are clean then it generally means the mirror inside the left side of the gantry is misaligned. It is not user-serviceable, the machine would have to be replaced.

How old is it? This is not uncommon for new machines that were abused in-transit.

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If it was working fine and now not, it’s more likely dirty optics. The mirror issue would almost always show up from new.

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Hi there, your uploads messed up,
I think you have your laser lens flipped upside down (ring goes IN)

see if that fixes the issues


Hey what does this mean ring in ? Like the lense u pop out with the tool. The arrow has to be facing up ?

the ring (cup) part of the lens is pointed toward the laser head, when inserted.


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