Laser not cutting through

First my laser wasn’t cutting all the way through. So I deep cleaned everything and even cleaned the air assist fan which actually wasn’t that dirty. Ran another cut and it was only cutting through certain areas of my design. & now my positioning is off and shifted from where I had it positioned on the app. Any suggestions?

Did you move the printhead while the machine was turned on? If so, turn the machine off and back on so it can go through the homing and centering routine. That should fix the alignment. As for the not cutting through, some additional information would be helpful. What material? Have you used it before? Did you use the set focus tool?


Your account shows you have had your machine for over a year. You should have cleaned the carriage plate more then once by now. So did you have any issues after cleaning it any time prior?

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I respectively disagree. I have had my machine for 3.5+ years now and have never had the carriage plate off or had to clean any fans. I know how to do those things but so far it hasn’t been required. The only maintenance I’ve ever done is replace the black ribbon cable to the lid and keep the windows and lenses clean.


Precisely and exactly this for me, too. Nothing more…nothing less. And, my machine just started (barely) into its 6th year, now.


Ditto. Never “cleaned my carriage plate” but as a newbie that’s only had my machine for 5 years, what would I know.


From glowforge Staff-

I can say though that your Glowforge printers, much like your car, benefit from regular maintenance and not being left idle for extended periods of time. In particular, regular cleaning of your Glowforge helps it to keep running at peak performance. Specifically, we recommend a good cleaning of your Glowforge every time you reach 40 hours of printing time.

We have support pages with cleaning steps for most parts of your Glowforge here, as well as more detailed cleaning instructions for the air assist fan here. We also strongly recommend running the fan maintenance tool as needed. We don’t have specific guidance on how often the fan maintenance should be done as it is deeply dependent on the materials you print on, but if you’re approaching two years and haven’t run it before, it would probably be a good time to do so.

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