Laser not engraving! Help!

Have been using it all day engraving projects and all of a sudden it stopped engraving. I’ve been doing everything the same. Settings are the same. There is nothing overlapping it’s just last name. Help! I have Father’s day orders to complete!!

Try the gift of good measure on a piece of proofgrade, using default settings (engrave/score/cut)…

If that doesn’t work, your tube or power supply have likely failed and the machine will need to be replaced - send pics and time of print to GF support using their contact form on the support main page (“Contact us here”).

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Does it cut/score?

No it doesn’t

my machine is just over a year old and today it stopped marking material.
i did the test ‘gift of good measure’ and nothing. moves around fine but not marking at all.

Use the contact form on the support page, and include pics (if it’s blank, include it anyway) along with the time of the print attempt.

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