Laser not engraving some designs

I have had some problems with a couple of designs not engraving. They are jpg format which is the same as the others but the dont want to engrave for some reason. The others do no problem. Confusing

If you feel comfortable posting the design, someone can take a look and see if they can find the problem.

A screen shots of the GF UI are also helpful.
common fixes:
Is part of the artwork outside of the available area for engraving? It will not work if some of the element is out of bounds.
Do you have engraving settings set for the elements that are not engraving? ( i forget sometimes)

It is within the engraving area. The laser moves as if it was working one the area set up. Just the laser does not come on. I tried other designs and they work fine.

What are the settings you are using for the engrave?

Endgrave SD graphics with a power lvl of75. Its just a jpg blueprint of a star wars ship that for some reason wont engrave. Other designs are ok but the two blueprints I have wont.

a few screen shots might help sort this. . one with the element that will not engrave selected, one with the settings shown.

I went through other topics and figured it out. Just turns out the way I followed the path was incorrect. Thanks for the quick response.


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