Laser not firing and orange light

My laser is not firing. I checked setting and those are fine. I’ve run the gift of good measure and not a single mark on the board. My mirror has scratches but they buffed out and it looks great. I tried running the gift of good measure again and I got an orange light. No temp alert. I have shut down. Checked ribbon pins and I am trying again. I have many orders to fill. I just need to figure out this problem.

check the cable in the back on the glass , mine goes out every year.

Can you post a picture of the wire you are talking about. What did you have to do to fix it?

Its not a wire but a ribbon that goes across the back of the lid, I had to replace it.

Ok I will double check that

Hey @ckijanka !
I’m having the same problem. The Glowforge focuses and scans just fine, the laser head moves as if it’s printing but the laser doesn’t fire. Super frustrating. Specially because GF Support takes forever to answer.

Since it’s been over 18 hours that I heard from them and I have A TON of orders to fulfill I decided to start some minor troubleshooting…

  • GF is all clean and all mirrors and lenses are good.
  • then I disconnected what seems to be a coolant sensor of some sort that’s in-line with one of the hoses of the coolant system. Glowforge turned on with the Orange button glowing. Ok, that’s not the problem since it’s not even initializing. The initiation code clearly checks that sensor and if it doesn’t oing back, the printer doesn’t even initialize.
  • now I unplugged what I think is the pump valve input power. Glowforge turns on, initializes, loads the print, starts the print but laser doesn’t fire.

That said, I think I have a bad connection or a burnt coolant pump that’s not pumping coolant through the system while the laser is working. Therefore the laser doesn’t work but the head moves.

That’s just me doing minor little troubleshooting by “elimination” but I’m still waiting to hear back from Support. ZzZzZ…

Hope this helps.

Yes. This is my issue. It initializes, scans, and moves fine. It just doesn’t fire. I have cleaned everything, checked the lenses and windows, and the ribbon connection. I’m so upset

@ckijanka it seems like many other users had the same problem in the past but they (or Support) never reveal what the true issue was in the forum.

I will keep you posted if I find out anything else, and please let me know if you find out what your issue was too :slight_smile:

When the black lid cable goes bad you won’t see any change to it. The damage will be completely internal unless by chance you have accidently loosened the clip.

I am thinking it has to be that.

I can see that we are currently assisting you via email. I’m going to close this topic in order to avoid confusion and miscommunication.