Laser not firing but head is moving

Ok I got an email from Support yesterday responded to it and have not heard back as of yet. I noticed there is no liquid in the laser tube. Is there supposed to be liquid in there even when its not running? I can’t find anywhere it leaked out on the table and it was fine until Sunday, then it quit in the middle of an engraving.
I was thinking it is the power supply, now I’m not sure and support has been lagging.
Tried the gift with proofgrade material, still nothing.

You really won’t be able to see the liquid. It’s clear and filled to capacity. If there was no liquid (a leak or whatever), you’d find evidence of that by fluid being somewhere.


Support has you in their system, if it goes more than a day or two more I’d email them and ask for an update. Chances are your power supply died, all your symptoms match that. They’ll be able to tell you for sure, sorry you’re having this issue.

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