Laser not firing (carriage head moving)

I got my glowforge a few months ago and everything was going fine until today when I took out a sheet go material and put in a new one to start my next print. The laser is not firing but the carriage head is moving.

I have tried turning off and unplugging the machine, restarting my computer, cleaning the lens and mirrors, and printing the gift of good measure which won’t print. My power is not too low, and I don’t see anything in the laser core. I work in a makerspace and I am used to laser cutters (epilog) and taking them apart and fixing them but I haven’t had an issue quite like this before. I contacted customer support but am hoping someone here had the same issue and can help me. My only theory is that the laser isn’t firing as a safety mechanism because it thinks the lid is open, which it is not. I am not sure how to fix this if it is the case. I have a lot of small business orders I need to work on ASAP and it is very stressful to have a defunct machine. All the forum posts about this that I saw have been closed by glowforge as they were emailing the consumer directly so I don’t have any more troubleshooting tips to try. It was working fine one minute and then the next, nothing and I didn’t touch anything / do anything to the machine in between.

TLDR: laser not firing but carriage head moving

Had the same issue recently they couldn’t resolve it remotely and had to send a refurbished replacement, than we are now having Wi-Fi connection problems with its very frustrating.

How long did it take for you to get a replacement? That’s very frustrating that you’re still having issues.

The Glowforge went out around the 26th of Oct and we had a new one by Nov 5th. Everything has been working fine until the Wi-Fi connection issues, but I think there might be some interference from other devices. It just bazar because its in the same location.

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