Laser not firing on a slightly used machine

I bought my Pro in July 2020 and used it for two months then moved. Unfortunately I couldn’t use it at my new home so it became a paperweight. A few times, I rolled it into my kitchen and used it. Last month, I moved once again and can use it finally.
Two weeks ago, I cut 8 pieces of acrylic, just cut one large piece of acrylic on each sheet. Today, I turned it on, loaded my proof grade material, hit the button and the machine was working just as normal. After a couple of minutes, I went to look at the progress of it and it hadn’t cut or engraved anything at all. I stopped the print and checked my settings. Everything was fine.
Long story short, the light in the tube is MIA. It no longer lights up. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself? The machine is out of warranty obviously and I haven’t made a quarter of my money back. Really hate to chalk it up as a loss.

The tube has a predicted lifespan of 2 years, although it usually drops off slowly over time.

Support would have you print the gift of good measure on proofgrade material (they provide an extra sheet of draftboard just for that purpose) and ask you send pics along with the time of the print so they can validate.

That would be the next step. Use the contact form on the support page to send the information to them.


Gotcha. I read in a Facebook group that they would do that. I tried that as well just to see what would happen and it didn’t work unfortunately. I just submitted a report to Support so hopefully I will hear something soon. Thank you for your reply!

Now just take a deep breath and have patience. They will get back to you and most likely offer a refurbished machine,


Packing and moving are a risk in the best of circumstances. Doing so twice is more of a problem. There are several causes that keep the machine from firing, but the sudden death of a tube is unlikely. They will probably offer a referb and that is a decent deal as it has probably already been idiot tested as well as checked twice as much before it came to you.


@Deleted has had some luck repairing glowforges with issues like this. He’s not on the forum much anymore but maybe he’ll come out of the woodwork since I’ve mentioned him.

Someone say my name?

i’m not here anymore, please come to my facebook home group, and I can guide you further.



Looked, even went in and joined, did not see you.

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That’s only semi-helpful. It would be more helpful if you can tell the OP what the name of your group is.


Friendliest Glowforge Group on Facebook


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