Laser Not Firing On One Specific Design

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I’m trying to cut a really hi-quality design on proofgrade medium drafboard using proofgrade settings. I did one print where several iterations of the design were not cut, but other iterations of the same element were cut. When I made the design in Illustrator, it was copied and pasted so there should be no reason (from a design aspect) why it wouldn’t cut.

Is there some mistake that I made without realizing it? I’m still pretty new to Illustrator so I’d be willing to bet I goofed somewhere.

It’s also worth noting that when I import the design into the GF interface and select the same proofgrade settings, the job run time will vary wildly.

Anyone have any thoughts for me?

I think the first possibility to eliminate is the file. If you zip it and drop it here someone who knows illustrator better than I could look it over.


Hunnic city and (41.0 KB)

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I think the problem has to do with how the file has been created…you’ve got a lot of overlapping vectors in the little circle designs.

(Click on the picture below to look at the design in Outline format:)

Overlapping vectors of the same color cancel each other out in the GFUI. To fix it…just select the design elements and choose Object > Rasterize to turn them into a raster engrave. It converts overlapping vectors into one image.


As Jules said, you have multiple files on top of each other. In the circles, the first, third, fifth and seventh are duplicated. These will cancel each other out and cause it not to print.


Thanks so much, everyone! @Jules, you’re amazing and I appreciate you very much!

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My pleasure! :blush:

Thanks for the answer @Jules. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.