Laser not firing on pro

I printed a file and started on second file (same piece of wood (non proof grade)) and the arm was moving but the laser was not firing and the tube was not glowing. I cleaned the pro and no change. This pro has only been set up for less than two months!! I sent in a request but nothing yet. :grimacing: Any suggestions?

If you printed one file fine, your machine is probably working fine.

There are two things that will make the Glowforge go through the motions without visibly firing the laser:

  1. You’ve set your power level to 1. It’s easy to accidentally do this by opening and closing the manual settings panel without moving the slider. The minimum power level won’t make the tube glow or leave a mark on most materials.

  2. The artwork you sent to print includes two overlapping copies of the design. Whenever there are overlapping engraves, the Glowforge treats that area as a “do nothing” command. A simple copy-paste error can lead to the behavior you saw.


I have checked all those things and there are no visible overlaps in project and all fields are set at full power.

Open the Gift of Good Measure and set to print on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings. If is doesn’t print, send photos to support along with the date and time of the failed print.

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Two copies of a design element right on top of each other would not be visible anywhere in the UI, I don’t think. The easiest way to rule out the artwork is to print known good artwork: the Gift of Good Measure from your library. The reason Glowforge has you print that design first thing after unboxing is that it is really your “test page”: it uses all the functions of your printer, so if that prints fine, you know your printer is working perfectly and the problem is not the hardware.

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Nope, will not print the GoGM either.

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