Laser Not Firing Printhead moving

Print head is moving, laser is not firing, checked and reset mirror
Machine is less than 2 months old.

Welcome to the community. Things to double check; Sometimes the power defaults to ‘1’…which will not accomplish anything even though the print head is moving.
Make sure you don’t have duplicate files accidentally stacked on top of each other.

And…what does this mean? “checked and reset mirror” There are no mirrors to be reset…only cleaned.


checked that first

re set it back in place

There is no mirror to ‘set back in place’. Are you referring to the main lens in the print head? And, if you’re meaning that you pushed it back up inside, that’s not something you need to do. The lens moves up and down…that’s how it focuses. Is your file/artwork all inside of the boundary markers?

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the laser mirror…

Can you post a photo of exactly what you’re referring to? The mirror is on the left side, way underneath the glass top. It is not removeable,…that’s why I am confused about what you did.

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printer head mirror

Screenshot 2024-01-14 184043

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Ah…OK…gotcha. Yes, that is a mirror. Not normally a go-to thing for troubleshooting. Sorry, I don’t have any more suggestions. Hopefully someone else in here might have some ideas.

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The mirrors have little to do with a ‘not firing’ issue.

You haven’t mentioned anything about how your artwork was generated or what you’re trying to cut/engrave/score or your settings so we don’t have much to go on to try to help you. If it’s an engrave with vector artwork, double check that you don’t have objects stacked on top of each other as they cancel each other out - resulting in movement but no visible engraving.

It looks like you’re new - have you successfully completed the ‘first three prints’ tutorials?
They cover a lot of operational basics. It’s super tempting to jump in with your own custom project first, but they’re worth doing.


it was 1/4 ply, lyon, 1 image, stop cutting 3/4 of way through design


This might be your problem; Luan, being a plywood, most likely has glue pockets or voids inside that have prevented the laser from getting through.

If you do a search, you may find more answers;


ok, but it didn’t cut the glowforge material either

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