Laser not firing, still

About a week ago I posted a problem with my laser, won’t fire, not sure why

I did all the tests, changing proofgrade settings, power cycling, everything I can find, but the laser doesn’t seem to fire at all

Was told I’d get an email with replacement information, but only got ‘we see your problem’ then a ‘how did we do survey’ so that was weird

figured I’d change to my more used email and try again. Getting a bit impatient and restraining myself from pulling it apart and doing some more hands on troubleshooting myself

Yeah definitely don’t yank it apart yourself and void your warranty. Posting here opens a trouble ticket so they’ll see it and be along soon. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried multiple different files or is it just one that you keep trying over and over? This may be a stupid question but I ran into a problem one time where I thought my laser wasn’t firing, and then I figured out I had accidentally in my file duplicated my design but left it as a stack. Glowforge won’t do anything except move back and forth with a stacked file. It will look like it is but no laser. Just something to check. Hope you can get it working soon…

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I’ve tried a whole bunch of different files, my favorite has been ‘one inch line’ for cutting tests, no luck tho

Glowforge Support is based in Seattle. Things aren’t exactly functioning as normal there at the moment.

If you received the email regarding replacement, you’ll get info on that eventually. It can take several days at the best of times.

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Yeah @eflyguy has a point. I live in Seattle and it is pretty crazy around here. It’s a bummer but if they are listening to the government then they have probably just a skeleton crew working there at best.

Dan and Bailey did a Live Stream yesterday, and most of the staff is trying to work remotely, and have been for a while, so yeah, there are additional disruptions and delays right now.

Check your spam folder for both email addresses that you use, and they probably needed the email that you used for your account to tie everything together, so double check that one. Your new post here will alert them to the issue though, so they might try to contact you again soon.

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The return process is not handled by support, they don’t ship parts, supplies, or machines, or create shipping labels for machines to come back for repair or replacement. They pass off the info to the company that handles the machines and parts, so they would contact you separately. The survey was for the interaction with support - but you wouldn’t know their part in the process was completed.

Hi @devonwester, we’re so sorry for the confusion. We sent you an email with shipping labels yesterday, but it seems to have missed you. I’ve resent it, can you please let me know if you’ve received it?

I got it yeah, for some reason we missed the emails from last week, we got the ones from yesterday though.

@devonwester sorry for the confusion. It is really frustrating when emails get lost, because we want to help. Unfortunately, the only way for us to find out that you never got your email is when you write in frustrated about the wait. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and we hope things go smoothly from here on out. Do you have any other questions before I close this thread?

Nope, I think I’m good, thanks for the help!