Laser not firing stopped mid job

My refurb died and Glowforge is telling me I am less than a week past 90 day warranty. They informed me that my only option is to pay $ 1125 for yet another refurbished unit with yet only another 90 day warranty. My refurbished unit had the exact same issue as my new machine, and by reading many posts, here, and on various sites, many, many have the same issue. They have informed me via numerous emails, that they don’t offer telephone support, nor do they offer repairs anymore - maybe they will in the future and they stated that this issue was extremely rare - their exact words! Once again, they said the only option to get up and printing again was to pay them another $ 1125. note here was my first post —— made in Dec 2021 on my first machine. jstapfOwner

Dec '21

My laser won’t fire up…the printer head moves … the laser doesn’t fire. I’ve cleaned lenses, mirror, fan assist, everything is in properly. It was in the middle of an engrave and then it stopped engraving, printer head continued . I tried making Glowforge ruler on proof grade—same issue. Machine is only 9 months old and I’ve got all orders for Christmas and I can’t get support to respond. I’ve got a GF plus.

In their emails they stated that this isn’t a tube issue, that it is a power supply issue….If they know this already, why are they continuing to sell the machines with a known problem to many machines?

It’s most likely an acceptable ratio of many to a great many more. With estimates of over 100,000 of these units out there, even if many was 1000, that’d be only 1% of all machines. Cost benefit ratio wouldn’t seem to be monetarily worth it.
Does suck when one is part of whatever that percentage is though.

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In their email response to me they stated they are a small start up company. Over 100,000 units seems a little beyond that….and to flat out state they don’t have availability to repairs? Their customers should be told that before purchasing

To have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau isn’t exactly the best advertising for them as well.

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