Laser not firing. Stopped working in the middle of a cut but still moves as if it's cutting

My laser stopped working in the middle of a cut yesterday. The power is correct. I’ve cleaned all the lenses and mirror twice and it runs as if it’s cutting but no laser. I’ve ran the GOGM and nothing. Just fake printing the whole time. The mirror is clean and doesn’t appear to have any damage. I was considering trying to replace the lense to see if that might be whats wrong but I cleaned it and it appears to be clean. My machine is out of warranty and is 3 years old. I’ve tried multiple files and none are working. Any other suggestions?

I’m thinking your laser tube may have died. You need to contact Support, for sure!


That was my first thought, too.


There are several places that would cause that issue, but all have to be repaired at the mothership. If it was a dead lasertube I would be surprised if it suddenly died like that. I expect that you would be offered an exchange for ~$1500. My current machine was such a swap and I have no complaints about it yet.

Was your warranty expired? I’ve had my machine for a little over 3 yrs so no warranty

If it’s just a tube replacement it’ll be $500 for them to do it.

If it’s more (like a power supply) that’s when they’ll likely offer a refurbished unit for $1500.

If you were still under warranty it would be free. Since yours is out of warranty it’ll likely be one of those two charges.

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sounds good. I just want it fixed. I’m good with either of those solutions

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Back in March there was some confusion as to what level of repair the company would support. After some back in forth the CEO confirmed that tube replacement would still be $500.

Determining whether a problem is only the tube requires the user to send the unit back and wait while it is diagnosed. I have not heard of any non-warrantied units going back for repair diagnosis since March. Has anyone had a tube replaced since March or has every stealth repair consisted of paying for a refurbished unit up front?

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