Laser not shooting beam

I Was in the middle of using my laser when all of a sudden it stopped my project and said it was finished. When I went to check, the yellow light was on and I tried to clean and use the can of air on my fans and I checked on my mirrors and everything was fine. Then I went and tried to run the project again and for some reason there is no laser coming out of the beam also when I tried to set focus it a kept on acting like it was trying to go to the right and it kept on making a grinding noise and now I can’t get it to do anything besides try to do that.

With the machine off, double check that the white ribbon cable is securely clicked into the printhead. Move the printhead under the lid camera. Turn it back on. What happens?


Also, make sure the power setting did not go to zero-1 as occasionally happens when you do not intend it to.


It says bumped and to check and I did and it’s acting normal the only thing that’s not working is there is no laser coming out. It’s running Normal otherwise.

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It says 168 full power

Throw a piece of typing paper on the honeycomb tray, select 20# paper as the material and try printing the Gift of Good Measure. Any beam?


No there was a red dot for the focus but no laser

Sounds like the tube is done or you have the shorted out issue that some have discussed. Send Glowforge support a request for help and see what they have to say.


Bummer ok thanks. Appreciate the help!

Yeah you have a pretty textbook “failed power supply” issue. Sometimes you’ll hear a small “pop” sound when the laser cuts out, but not always.

Most likely support is going to want you to ship the machine to them and send you a refurb – that’s what they did when my power supply went years ago and I don’t think they’ve changed their process.


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