Laser not working? but acting like it's doing the lines

My pro acts like its cutting/engraving…it’s moving back and forth but there are no lines or cuts being made on my material. I’ve been using it all morning with no problems. But I now, all of the sudden have a problem. Just deep cleaned machine and lens’ but didn’t help

Sometimes this can happen when you have a copy of your design stacked on top of the original…it will cancel both things out.

Also, just double check to see that your power hasn’t reverted to ‘1’…which cause it to do nothing more than go through the motions.


Both check out to be fine. I just tried to run the gift of measure and still doing the same thing :upside_down_face:


The issue with stacking more than 1 copy of a design only applies to vector engrave elements. Double cut lines, scores, or bitmaps will still work, but repeat.

If the Gift of Good Measure failed then it’s likely either your power supply or tube have.

Note, there is no such thing as a “deep clean” - follow the prescribed cleaning process documented on the support pages. Anything more is likely to cause damage, although your post makes it sound like you did that after the issue occurred.


You did the correct thing, except for doing the deep clean. Always try to print the gift of good measure for the support folks whenever you have a problem. MOST problems are caused by deep cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it too; who wants a dirty machine, but only clean the camera, lens and the path that the laser beam takes to the head. Email support with the date and time that you ran the gift of good measure and the results. They will get you fixed up. Good luck.


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I am having the same issue. I just unpacked my glowforge and havent been able to do a project yet. The machine is acting as if its working. Its going through all the motions yet nothing is printing. Im doing the good measure project

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Can you share a screenshot of your interface which includes your settings?

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