Laser not working, everything else is fine

I am so massively disappointed in Glowforge. Midway through a job the laser just stopped working. We have tried everything to get it to work so I reached out to the Glowforge customer service. They are telling me that I need to have my Glowforge REPAIRED and to PURCHASE a refurbished Glowforge for almost $1800 since the repair time is so long. Everything works fine BUT the laser! isn’t that a bit much? And, it’s only two years old. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to fix this?

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Mine literally just did this today too!

It’s likely the power supply went bad, or the wiring between the power supply and the tube is damaged or shorted somewhere. It’s possible to repair for less than $1800, but I don’t blame any company for not asking a customer to mess around with high voltage wiring that could injure or kill them if done wrong. Since there’s not really any kind of shop you can bring a laser to get it professionally repaired, replacement might be the only realistic option, and that is always going to be expensive. $600+ of that cost is just shipping the machines both ways.


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