Laser occasionally looses power / intensity

I´m experiencing some issues with my GF Pro. The laser occasionally looses power / intensity.

I´m doing some slate coasters.
The print is divided in two parts. One vector (“ALMTUNA”-banner ) and the rest (.jpg grayscale: convert to dots).

In the beginnig they came out perfectly.

Then suddenly the second part faded out completely.

I left the coaster without moving it and restarted the GF and printed it again (same coaster and the same settings) and it came out perfectly.

Any ideas of what can be causing this ? Power supply issue or is the laser-tube giving up?

Kind regards, Jonas

Does it need cleaning? (I’ve seen numerous posts that indicate dust can impede the laser.)

No, everything is nice and clean. And if that was the case it would probably not work again after a power cycle.

I’m sorry about the recent trouble with your engrave results. I saw that you’ve already emailed us about this, and I responded to you there, so I’m going to close this thread.