Laser portcullis

My kids came home from school with the word “portcullis” and were very excited about building one that they could integrate into their Lego creations. They were hanging out at the office so they drew their design on paper, then I redrew it in Illustrator for a precision fit. Total design time was about 10 minutes, so this is very rough-and-ready, but it was a fun project nonetheless. The gate is acrylic and the frame is cardboard.


I have to tell you that the potential the Glowforge offers to my children was a big decision for my backing. I’ll use it plenty, but I’m also anxious to see what we can do with it to inspire them and push them to learn.


Love it!! My kids are way spoiled and wonder why their friends parents are not as cool as us because we have a laser cutter…lmao

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Super cute; you have a lovely daughter, Dan.


This is one of the things I’m looking forward to most—taking all of my son’s crazy ideas and helping him actually make them become real! Thanks for sharing!


Anything I can offer my daughter in the way of inspiring a love of science is worth every penny I could ever make lol