Laser power deteriorated - unable to get spareparts

I have a problem with the consistency of cutting materials, that I’ve cut earlier at the same settings. It applies to both proofgrade and non-proofgrade.

It feels like my cutting power has been deteriorated. I suspected the lens being damaged by thermal lensing. I ordered new lenses, mirrors and windows in order to try that before submitting a ticket.

Glowforge has still not processed my order, placed on 2018-05-13, and are unable to tell when to dispatch, due to “investigation”. Very unsatisfying!

I have waited for two and a half years on my Glowforge, and now I have to wait for an unknown time, to get my spares.

I’m getting very frustrated, and I’m not happy with my experience, so far!

Step up your game Glowforge, and get my printer work again!

In case anyone is wondering (I was)

More detailed:

I might confuse thermal lensing with lens stress?

Are you based in the US? Or international?

I live in Denmark.

I see. Hope they get it squared away soon.

I know that the design catalog and Proofgrade shop hasn’t been set up/opened for international delivery (or to my knowledge it hasn’t). I don’t think internationals have even been able to get orders to go through because it doesn’t validate the address.

It sounds like they may be treating it as a warranty issue (which it likely is) and are proceeding that way to get you the parts needed, if any are needed.

Have you gone through the cleaning process - the two windows, the head lens, the mirror?

Tanks, I hope you are right.

I have cleaned every optics I can access, a couple of times and with same result. Both windows, mirror and lens, according to this guide:

I can still use it, but not without more “trail and error”, and uncertainty regarding result and expectations.

I’m so sorry that your issue hasn’t been handled promptly. We’re committed to giving our customer prompt service and we dropped the ball here.

I followed up in your email about this with tracking information and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.