Laser Stalls While Printing

Our laser keeps stalling while printing. It’ll start the print, but the print head stops moving and the laser stops firing. The countdown on the browser continues to go, and it’ll stop the fans when the countdown ends, but the laser head stays where it was. If I try to start another print, they head won’t move. I have to shut off the laser and turn it back on for it to start moving again. This has been happening off and on for weeks. Tonight, I can’t print anything without it failing.

These are the things I’ve check already:

I’ve checked my wifi, and my mesh routers are working and it’s showing as the Glowforge has a great connection to the router with great speeds to the device. I even reran the wifi setup to make sure it was on the network ok.

I’ve tried multiple designs, and it’s stalling out on them all at some point (often the same point). These are designs I’ve been able to cut before with no issues.

I’ve let it sit unplugged to see if that would help.

I’ve cleared my cache and tried different web browsers. Same issue on all.

I’ve let it sit with the lid up (read that helps it download any updates…not sure if that’s true or not).

Nothing has gotten it work again. Sometimes I may get one print ok, but it will fail the next time. Or, if I run multiples, it often fails before finishing the first. It’s really annoying and I’m wasting a lot of materials trying to make it work.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


That is a stumper for me. I’ve not ever heard of that happening.

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Thanks for taking a look. It seems to happen more often when I try to print multiples of the same design (no matter how simple). It’s driving me crazy.

Will it print the GOGM (gift of good measure)


Good call.

Print the GOGM and when it poops out, note the time. Contact support with that information and they can check the logs.


One thing I have noticed is that a bad connection or a cracked wire will create episodic failures that get more frequent over time till the failure is permanent. If a particular stress occurs that is large enough to break a connection then occuring at the same place in the design is a clue (assuming the design itself is not the culprit)

I would think that if there is an issue with the GOGM that Support would identify and provide a solution (even if that solution was a replacement)


Bad connection… Good thinking. I wonder if it is worth trying to reseat the head ribbon cable?


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