Laser stopped firing

Well it looks like I may have to send back my GlowPro, laser stopped firing in the middle of trying to print out the mosiac pencil holder on proofgrade. Have a burning smell of electrical along with wood. Looks like I will be doing more testing on the new Dremel digilab laser.

How unfortunate. (Curious though - did you actually buy both? And why?)


I got the Dremel because I have poor internet at my shop and I was tired of trying to fix my K40’s especially after I started using the glowforge, which is at my house that has high speed internet. The Dremel works well so far but there are drawbacks like to cut and engrave you have to load two separate files, but the camera feature that it has is great and since I am not in line for snapmarks (especially with a dead machine) it was really easy to align prints. The Dremel does not have the build quality that the Glowforge has and I have not done a really in depth comparison since I just received it this past Friday, but it looks like when I head up to my shop this weekend I will be testing it on fine prints. I am glad that I have a alternative for my Glowforge and I am sad at the same time.


I would be interested in hearing your review of it (just curious; I still :heart: my glowforge) because I have not heard any reviews about it online.


Cooee, that’s a lot of lasers. Well, not to worry, Glowforge will replace that one if something fried in it…that’s really bad luck, but it’s good you have something else to work with in the interim.


I will try to post something in the everything else when I can compare prints


I’m sincerely sorry for the trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.