Laser stopped working but everything else seems fine

I was in the middle of a print job and heard a pop sound…laser was not working correctly before the sound (wasn’t engraving as dark as usual) but after the sound the laser stopped working completely. The lights work, printer head moves, it’s hooked up to the wifi. I turned everything off, recleaned it. Turned back on and tried the Gift of Good Measure on Medium Draftboard just to be safe. Everything loads, goes to print, the printer head is moving like it’s working but there is no beam. The laser is not working. I cancel the job and then get a purple button.
I have emailed support but wondering if there is something I am missing.

Inspect the tube with a flashlight (after turning it off) and see if you can see any hairline cracks in the tube. That would be the only thing I can think of that you might look for. You’ll want to look up under the end flaps at the sides to see where the pigtail joins.

If you see one, take a picture and send it to support or post it here. Sorry - that pop doesn’t sound good.

(Oh and don’t try to run it again until you hear from support. You can just unplug.)

No cracks. I can’t find anything.

Okay, support is going to have to look at your logs to see what happened. Sorry, that’s all I can think of to have you look at. :frowning:

Thanks. Hopefully they get back to me soon.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the laser not appearing.

I see you also emailed us and I’ve just followed up with the next steps there.

We’ll continue to work on this through email, so this post will be closed.